Hypernormal is a Los Angeles based shop and design studio operating at the intersection of publishing, art, and apparel. In a world of complex algorithms, simplifying your own narrative through hand curation may be the only way to combat the filter bubbles we reside in. We may or may not have watched one too many Adam Curtis documentaries.

Stories of the Creatively Constrained

  1. Saul Leiter made 60 years of photography within a couple block radius of his apartment.

    Although he hung out with a lot of notable photographers, such as Diane Airbus and Robert Frank, he never had any notoriety himself partly because he did commercial photography alongside his other work (2). This included frequent collaborations with Esquire and Harper’s Bazaar. Somehow it made him less of a photographer in the art establishment's eyes. To Leiter, his approach to the work was the same. Whether for art or commerce, his goal was to make images he liked and stood behind.
  2. How a Discarded Magazine Sparked Gordon Parks’ Life of Creativity

    One day Parks notices a magazine one of the passengers leaves behind. He explores the images of the dispossessed in the spreads of the magazine. Parks would describe these images as powerful. All of the photographers were tackling the evils of poverty that still gripped the nation in 1938. Their work was part of President Roosevelt’s New Deal agency, the Farm Security Administration (FSA).