• Dirty Furniture #6 Bed

Dirty Furniture #6 Bed

Dirty Furniture

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Dirty Furniture bids us goodnight in their sixth and final issue, aptly focusing on the bed. Partially inspired by Jonathan Crary’s essay 24/7, this final edition explores sleep as the final frontier kept safe from capitalism’s hustle and grind.

Manijeh Verghese investigates India’s unique legislated right to sleep while Ilona Gaynor considers the sleep science behind falling asleep to Netflix each night. The many other essays and features included in this issue are bookended by archival images of mattress adverts helping the reader feel tucked in for the full experience. Sweet dreams, Dirty Furniture.

On the Journal
About the previous issue: ‘A quick recap: each issue of the magazine takes a close look at a single piece of furniture. Following Couch, Table, Toilet and Closet, we now have Phone. It’s intriguing to find this ubiquitous device presented as ‘furniture’, and it’s a measure, perhaps, of the time that has passed since the previous issue of the mag that it was first billed as the Telephone issue; that longer word is disappearing today, I guess.’

Product Details

  • 128 x 197 mm, 208 pages
  • London, UK
  • First published 2013
  • Editors: Anna Bates, Elizabeth Glickfeld
  • Design and art direction: Michela Zoppi