• The Artist's Guide to Creating, Collecting & Curating On-Chain Art
  • The Artist's Guide to Creating, Collecting & Curating On-Chain Art

The Artist's Guide to Creating, Collecting & Curating On-Chain Art

Viktor Bezic

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Pre-Order “The Artist's Guide to Creating, Collecting & Curating On-Chain Art”. With a focus on onboarding artists, the book is a comprehensive guide to getting started with On-Chain Art or extending one’s practice into Web3. The book covers onboarding, creating, collecting, and curating. It not only provides the cultural context but is also a practical how-to guide demystifying how to engage on-chain so you can focus on what we all want to focus on, the art. The book concludes with the next steps to ensure we hold each other accountable to complete everyone’s onboarding journey. The pre-orders will be filled on April 1st, 2024. 


Sample Table of Contents Below:

  • Introduction

  • Onboarding

    • WTF is on-chain art?

    • Types of on-chain art

      • Generative, AI, & Glitch Art

      • Motion and Video Art

      • 3D and Mixed Reality Art

      • Fashion 

      • Photography

      • Traditional Art

    • Nascent histories

    • Chain culture

    • DAOs & Communities

    • Getting Setup

      • Wallets & Security

  • Creating

    • Extending Your Practice

    • Starting Your Practice On-Chain

    • Planning Collections & Drops

    • Minting Your Art

    • What is a Smart Contract?

    • No Code Smart Contract Platforms

    • Publishing to Marketplaces

    • Managing Royalties

    • Building Up Your Profile

      • Displaying Your On-Chain Art

      • Getting Featured in Marketplaces

      • Collaboration & Community

      • Decentralized Autonomous Artists 

      • Going IRL

      • Galleries & Auctions

    • Thou Shall Not Shill

    • Building Relationships with Collectors

    • Peaks & Troughs

  • Collecting

    • Here for the art

    • Collecting In Public

    • Your Collecting Strategy

    • Artists You Follow & Trade With

    • Staying on Top of Drops

    • Buying in Secondary

    • Tools for the Hunt

    • Keeping Your Pulse on the Market

    • Grails

  • Curating

    • Contemporary Curatorial Thought

    • Artists as Curators / Curators as Artists

    • Collecting Knowledge 

    • Libraries and Archives

    • Building a History for the Future 

    • Creating “Scenes”

    • Networked Co-Curation

    • Collective Collecting via DAOs as Curation

    • DIY Exhibits & Non-Traditional Spaces

    • Biennials & Art Fairs

    • New Potential Experiences via Networked Art

  • Next Steps

    • Do it now

    • Sharing Your Progress