• Subsequence volume 06

Subsequence volume 06 2023


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“Harmonious” is the theme for this issue. It has been said that these days relationships between people have been weakening, and more and more people are suffering from feelings of loneliness and a sense of helplessness. Why is this though, as it can be said that words are being exchanged more than ever before over the internet and social media in a matter of seconds. Harmonious relationships are born amongst people, different geographic regions, within individual societies, and also by a connection to nature. This issue explores various forms of community and reconsiders their meaning and necessity. For the first time in years, we were able to travel abroad to conduct interviews with a variety of individuals that work in forms of expression to hear their perspectives in person, and this included Artists and Designers, Chefs, and people from Educational Institutions. Of course, this issue will also feature a robust amount of content that continues to introduce undiscovered art, craft, and cultures from all over the world. We will be delivering plenty of beautiful visuals and in-depth text for our readers this time around as well.

Participating creators
Kyohei Sakaguchi/Samuel Bradley & Stephen Mann/Gentaro Ishizuka/nakaban/Jerry Ukai/Yurie Nagashima/Takashi Tsurumi/Naito Auto/Hiroki Nakamura/Kelsi Nakamura/etc