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Summit Card Case


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A stately, pocket-friendly home for your most important cards.

The Summit Card Case is a new take on the business card case – a place to store, honor, and share key credentials with a decidedly stylish flourish. 

Perhaps you're heading to an important meeting and want to make a strong impression when it's time to exchange contact information. Or maybe you've grown tired of your bulky wallet and you're looking for a small receptacle for cash and credit cards.

Featuring a hinged lid and a curvilinear cutaway, the Summit Card Case is stamped from stainless steel. Combining durability, style, and functionality, we are thrilled to offer a premium and long-lasting solution for storing, protecting, and presenting whatever you put in it.


* 4” x 2.5” x 0.5” * Interior Dimensions: ~2.25” W x ~0.375” D * 4.7 ounces * Brushed stainless steel or PVD Vapor Brass finish * Can hold up to 19 business cards * Can hold up to 9 credit cards