• RENATO D'AGOSTIN , Archaeologies: Los Angeles

RENATO D'AGOSTIN , Archaeologies: Los Angeles

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In the first project under this initiative, photographer Renato D’Agostin, acclaimed for his photo essays of the world’s great cities, turns his lens on Los Angeles. As a first time visitor, he re-thinks LA from a place of instinct, illuminating the relationship between architecture and humanity to create an intuitive emotional narrative of the city.

Accompanying D’Agostin’s photographs is an essay by celebrated critic, urban and media historian, and novelist Norman Klein. Having authored several seminal books on the subject of LA, he now explores light as an invisible yet omnipresent character in our collective memory. From the post-war suburban blur to the rise of feudalism, Klein charts the emotional architecture of LA and its evolution into “New Byzantium” – a crossroad between worlds.

80 pgs, 38 × 25.7 cm, Hardback, clothbacked boards, 2015, 9780994051417