• Present Magazine Issue #1
  • Present Magazine Issue #1

Present Magazine Issue #1


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Present is a magazine about creating and self-reflection where we speak with makers about their path and philosophies in order to demystify the creative process. It’s a space for honest conversations about discipline, fear, career paths and confidence. With this project I want to inspire and push, reflect and trigger, motivate and initiate: to get closer to what we want and what we know we need.

To be present, we need the courage to make. Through making, we can discover and uncover ourselves, and realise our limitless potentials. Therefore, Present‘s first issue is themed around that crucial first step. The moment when you begin doing what it takes to make what you believe in.

We believe that our journey reveals who we really are, perhaps even more so than our chosen destination. And sharing that rocky, unromanticised process with others is bold, and has the power to inspire and encourage. Because no matter our backgrounds, we all face similar challenges when we create something new in this world.