• Breaking the Rules - Poster Collection 15

Breaking the Rules - Poster Collection 15

Lars Muller Publishers

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With their atmosphere of sociopolitical ferment, the 1980s also witnessed the appearance of a new aesthetic in Swiss graphic design, influenced by the punk aesthetic and first experiments with the Macintosh. Alternative cultural and political movements consciously seized on new visual identities in order to set themselves apart from established institutions. In constructive conflict with the stylistic rigor of the Swiss Style, young designers discovered innovative forms of visual expression which continue to enrich and enhance the world of graphic design today. With posters from 1980 to 1995, this publication presents a heterogeneous collection of design attitudes that consciously break the rules. Included are works by Peter Bäder, Polly Bertram and Daniel Volkart, Richard Feurer, Roli Fischbacher, Peter Frey, Ralph Schraivogel, Mihaly Varga, Cornel Windlin, Ruedi Wyss, and others.



Edited by Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich
With an essay by Martin Jaeggi and Peter Schweiger
Design: Integral Lars Müller
16,5 x 24,0 cm, 6 ½ x 9 ½ in
96 pages, 100 illustrations
2007, 978-3-03778-094-7, German/English