• 99 Photographs

99 Photographs

Lars Muller Publishers

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 A doomed painter on his last walk, a barefoot girl in front of a school blackboard, a charismatic politician as an advocate for the simple life: 99 Photographs presents images that touch, seduce or confuse. Since 1971 the Fotostiftung Schweiz has been collecting archives of photographers and outstanding works of photographic history. Now its 50th anniversary gives rise to a curated look at this collection – an invitation to discover the rich language of photography and to see the world through different eyes.

Well-known icons stand next to unknown trouvailles, pioneers of color photography next to Netcam photographers. The short accompanying texts point to a reality that lies behind the facts and beneath the surface. Ninety-nine times, editor Peter Pfrunder stops time to look inward and outward at once – until the invisible emerges in the visible and images turn out to be a wondrous mixture of facts and fantasies.

Product Details 

  • Edited by Peter Pfrunder, in collaboration with Teresa Gruber
  • With contributions by Madleina Deplazes, Lea Fuhrer, Teresa Gruber, Catharina Hanreich, Peter Pfrunder, Sascha Renner, Helene Rüegger, Georg Sütterlin
  • Design: Müller+Hess
  • 19 × 27 cm, 7 ½ × 10 ¼ in
  • 232 pages, 99 illustrations
  • hardback
  • 2021, 978-3-03778-678-9, English